With Integrated Insurance Solutions, you’ll certainly get the experience and expertise you expect from an insurance broker. But we’re more than a broker, and we do more than sell insurance coverage.

IIS works as a strategic partner and trusted business advisor for our clients, in the same way your attorney or accountant does. We simplify complexities and remove distractions, translating complex plans into plain English and clear options so that you can concentrate on running your business.

We are trusted partners.

We are proactive in protecting you, your home or your business, creating custom plans that address your real needs – now and in the future.

We’re a one-stop shop that offers comprehensive coverage from a wide variety of insurers.

We operate almost entirely on referrals – a mark of the expert job we do for our clients and partners.

Our commitment is to understand each client’s risk, manage their insurance needs, and develop intelligent, comprehensive solutions. That means we work to establish long-term relationships with stable businesses and individuals who recognize the value of quality insurance products and services. We devote resources to help our clients grow.

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IIS Staff

The IIS team of over 20 dedicated professionals works to advise you, answer your questions, and act as advocates and partners throughout the insurance process.

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