Dental Insurance

Dental Professional Liability

Integrated Insurance Solutions represents multiple top-rated insurance carriers who specialize in insuring dentists.  We match our clients up with coverage that best suits their needs.

In an industry with many risks, we recommend a comprehensive risk management program to educate dentists and their staff about techniques that enhance patient care and help reduce liability exposure.

Liability and beyond

Liability is only the start of a full insurance solution for dentists and other medical practitioners. IIS can also help you with employee benefits, risk management, property and casualty, and individual coverage for practice partners and employees, providing one-stop convenience for all your practice insurance.

Carriers include Fortress (owned and operated by dentists); OMSNIC (exclusive to oral surgeons), Hanover, Harftford, Utica, Zurich/Foremost, PSIC, Principal, and others.

For information on liability and other methods of protecting and insuring your dental practice, call our in-house expert, Carl Getman at 508-370-0002.

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