Insurance FAQs

We can help with any of your questions

Here are some of the most popular that come to us:

  • How do I review my policy?
  • Do I need to carry additional insurance for a nanny or au pair?
  • When do I need renters' insurance?
  • Is my child in the dorm covered under my homeowners' policy?
  • Is my swimming pool covered under my homeowners’ insurance?
  • Do I need flood insurance?
  • What are some easy things to do to lower the cost of my homeowners’ insurance?
  • Am I covered when I rent or borrow a vehicle?
  • What’s the difference between collision and comprehensive physical damage car insurance?
  • Do I need commercial plates?
  • What should I know about long-term care insurance?
  • What are considerations for disability insurance?
  • What’s better - whole-life or term-life insurance?
  • What are some insurance considerations for my business?
  • What is a personal umbrella liability policy?