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Commercial & Risk Management

Be Proactive

The best approach to commercial insurance is proactive risk management.

Planning & Review

We start with in-depth review of your real situation, from past claims and risk exposures, to forward planning and a coverage review.

Don’t just protect the business you have now, but the one you’re planning for in the future.

Risk Management & Analysis

To best compete, businesses should adopt risk management policies based on data to secure the insurance package necessary. Data analysis of existing claims allows creation of loss control plans to manage and reduce claims activity, costs, and administrative overhead.

Tailored Plans Based on Experience

Once we’ve helped you analyze your situation, we recommend a plan to offer cost-effective commercial insurance options, no matter what type of coverage you need.

Years of experience in underwriting all aspects of insurance, combined with our strong relationships with multiple carriers, helps our team streamline the quote process. We work as your advocate in all aspects of your insurance program from initial pricing and coverage to negotiating claim reserves and settlements.

Who We Help

Integrated Insurance Solutions delivers high-quality property and casualty insurance and strategic consulting services for clients, regardless of size. Whatever your industry or niche, don’t worry. IIS doesn’t shy away from unusual businesses or situations other agencies might consider “hard to insure.” We pride ourselves on going beyond the standard.

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Property & Casualty Coverage

Integrated Insurance Solutions offers a wide variety of business Property & Casualty coverage – property, auto, flood, liability, data breach, and more.

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