Personal Risk Managment

Preparing for illness or disability is an essential part of protecting your family. What would happen to your family if you were unable to support them financially? Your family should have insurance to cover its needs in case of unexpected hardship.

Expecting the Unexpected

At Integrated Insurance Solutions, we take special pride in helping our clients plan for the unexpected, to protect you and your family from losing any of your hard-earned assets and financial security. You might find the choices overwhelming, but we’re here to explain it all and answer questions. We are committed to helping our clients understand individual insurance options—life, disability, and long-term care—to keep family finances stable. We work with you to determine the right products for your specific situation and long-term needs.

Life Insurance

  • Provides income for your family so that their standard of living does not change in the event of your premature death
  • Pays for final expenses: funeral costs, legal expenses, taxes
  • Can provide cash value during your lifetime
  • Can provide your business with funds for buyouts and /or key person replacement

Long-Term Care Insurance

  • Protects assets that can dissipate rapidly when paying for long-term care out-of-pocket
  • Provides for the costs of your care for chronic illness, injury, or aging
  • Pays for expenses not typically covered by health or disability policies
  • Covers costs of assisted living, nursing home, or extended care at home

Disability Insurance

  • Long or short-term coverage that protects your family from severe financial hardship if you cannot continue to earn your income
  • Key personnel in a small medical practice or business should also consider overhead disability to help keep an office running in your absence
  • Supplements disability coverage from an employer, which can be cancelled if you leave the company
  • Covers injuries suffered on the job or anywhere else


  • Umbrella policies provide additional liability coverage above and beyond that of your automobile and home insurance policies
  • Helps guard your personal and family’s finances and future
  • Can provide a lawsuit safety net if someone ever sues and you are liable for costs that exceed your resources
  • Can help to prevent the loss of your family home, possessions, and savings to jury awards, settlements, and lawsuits

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