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Personal Insurance

Insurance for individuals

Insurance helps protect your personal belongings and provide for loved ones in unforeseen events. Most people wouldn’t dream of buying a home or car without insurance. But once they’ve bought that basic policy, they never really stop to question if they have enough coverage. Integrated Insurance Solutions can help you answer those questions and protect you in a wide variety of circumstances.

Protecting your property

We can help you put together a package that can protect basic assets, like your house or car, to more specialty items, such as jewelry, an antique auto or a special collection. We have helped thousands of customers select coverage at a competitive price for their autos, homes, condominiums, boats, and other valuable assets.

Protecting from personal risk

Integrated Insurance Solutions can also help with personal risk management. No one likes to think of an unexpected illness, disability or death in the family, but preparing for them is an essential part of protecting your loved ones. This is especially important as your family grows and shrinks over the years.

See below for some of the things you might not have thought about when choosing insurance coverage. Feel free to contact us with any questions. IIS can help prepare a personalized, comprehensive plan that assesses your real situation. Then we will help you adjust your coverage and policies accordingly.


Personal Risk Managment

IIS is committed to helping clients understand options for individual insurance—life, disability and long-term care plans to keep family finances stable. 

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Personal Insurance

Homeowners & Renters

We work with a variety of property and casualty insurance companies to protect your possessions, whether you own or rent your home.

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Car Insurance

Auto, Marine & Other Vehicles

Protect your transportation with the right insurance. Whether you need to insure a car, truck, motorcycle, or boat, IIS can help you find the right coverage.

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